Warehouses: 4 Advantages Of Advanced Wi-Fi Phone Systems

When running a large warehouse, communication is key for employees. Searching or shouting around a warehouse can be tedious. Using large loudspeakers can also be a pain when an employee cannot easily communicate back. One solution for this is a Wi-Fi phone system. Instead of relying on cell towers outside of a warehouse, Wi-Fi phone systems work using an internet connection built right into the property. This allows you and your employees to have clear connections every single day. Along with the great connections, there are several advantages of these advanced phones that can cater directly to the warehouse environment. Learning about them can help create a better work flow for your warehouse and employees.

Push-To-Talk Features

Dialing and reaching specific contacts can be a huge waste of time. As an alternative, you can purchased Wi-Fi phone systems that feature push to talk options. While using push-to-talk, you can use the phone much like a two-way radio. You will be able to easily communicate with other employees and get an instant response. The push-to-talk feature is also ideal for large group conversations. For example, you can tell a group of people that it is time for their lunch break. The Wi-Fi connection allows the feature to work instantly and can be used on a daily basis for other tasks. Another example is if a new shipment arrives. Employees can quickly go to retrieve the new shipment and help disperse it among the warehouse as needed.

Noise Suppression

Warehouses are almost like a noise factory. There are machines like forklifts, boxes constantly getting moved around, and the hollow design is prone to echoes. This is why it's a good idea to purchase advanced phone systems that also feature noise suppression. Special microphones and speakers can help eliminate the excess sounds in the room and help you hear calls more clearly. This makes a huge difference when trying to communicate and stay safe. Specific directions can be easily heard and employees have the ability to understand statements without things getting repeated over and over.

App Uses

The advanced Wi-Fi business phones are not just used for talking. A majority of them can have apps installed directly on the device. These apps can help with a variety of features. For example, each employee can have a personal schedule and agenda for the day. By glancing at the phone, they can figure out the specific tasks that need to get completed. The apps can also be used for other warehouse tasks like barcode scanning. A quick barcode scanner can help employees figure out where specific items are located and adjust the inventory as needed. When the apps are integrated with the whole company system, it can help keep track of items and ensure that everything is properly organized throughout the whole warehouse.

Safety Features

A number of safety features can also add a lot of help to the warehouse environment. For example, one of the basic features on a Wi-Fi phone is a panic button. When this button is pressed, other people will be alerted to the situation. From there, they can find your location or contact you using a push-to-talk feature. This is ideal for spills, emergencies, or any injuries that have occurred. Special audible alarms can also be set on the phone as well. This will blare a loud siren-type noise that plays to anyone in the nearby area. A sound like this can really help get assistance as soon as possible.

A phone company can help set up the whole system, such as a spectralink phone system. Once everything is up and running, it will be a seamless transition to better communication and advanced features that cater directly to a warehouse environment.

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When running a large warehouse, communication is key for employees. Searching or shouting around a warehouse can be tedious. Using large loudspeakers